Jeddah Pop Icon Season 4 Contender Bryan de Vera a.k.a. “The Concert Prince”

4 Bryan

“The Concert Prince” Bryan ‘Yan’ Canero De Vera is another pop ballad artist in this competition.  His favourite artists are all high vocal ranged singers – Eric Santos, Jed Madela, Michael Bolton, and Celine Dion.  By looking up to these powerhouse artists, Yan has definitely set a high standard for his own singing style.  He has acquired a major part of his musical influence from his parents. At his age of twenty eight joining talent-based competitions is not new to this contender.   He has previously joined two local singing competitions, Himig ng Kalayaan Season 2 and JPOP Season 1.  This artist from Pangasinan says he believes in the power of his dream and that dream is to be the next Jeddah Pop Icon winner. His go-to line in life, by his own words, goes something like this: ’If you want to reach the top, in the middle of the road don’t stop.’


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