Erhard Macaraeg – “Dancer-Storyteller”

Erhard Macaraeg | Dancer-Choreographer, Jeddah Pop Icon Season 4
Erhard Macaraeg | Dancer-Choreographer, Jeddah Pop Icon Season 4

At twenty two, Daniel Erhard P. Macaraeg – known to most as ‘Erhard’ – is somebody whom we may already call a dyed-in-the-wool dance artist.

From the time he started dancing at the age of 15 up to the present, Erhard has built quite a name for himself in the dance arena mainly for his sheer talent and dedication to the art. Back in the Philippines he was a member of Company of Acts – an affiliation and a training ground for some of the country’s ballet schools like Ballet Philippines, and Sanlahi Pangkat Mananayaw of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA.

Erhard is the founder and leader of Jeddah-based dance group, “The KSA Knight Movers”, or popularly known, simply as “Knight Movers”. He created the group in 2009 with the whip-smart idea of bringing together the best of the best young talents (mostly teens) in Jeddah who are dance-savvy across different genres. Thus, a dance group that specializes in contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, broadway, cultural, and ballroom dances was formed.  Such versatility has made them widen their appeal outside the Filipino community reaching audiences of various multi-cultural communities.

Under Erhard’s leadership, Knight Movers made waves in the entertainment community in Jeddah and across the Middle East. In 2011, they won 2nd Runner-Up in FAME’S Western Region Got Talent Season 1, a win that opened bigger windows for the group – on December 2nd of the same year they found themselves enthralling a crowd of 10,000 on “Showtime” (the Philippines’ top-rating noontime show) Middle East Edition at the Dubai Airport Expo where they brought the house down and drew a perfect 10 from the judges that landed them the Grand Champion trophy out of 9 semi-finalists from a total of 30 entries. Amongst several others, the highly popular group has performed at the Serenata concerts most recent of them was on Serenata Season 8 in 2013 and recently in April of this year after a one-year hiatus from the limelight did a comeback performance at JPOP Season 2.

Last year Erhard was handpicked to be one of the judges in FAME’s talent based competition Western Region Got Talent Season 3, the same show that launched Erhard and his group Knight Movers’ career in the pilot season.  Again this year, FAME is honored and proud that Erhard is part of the production team as one of the main choreographers of Jeddah Pop Icon Season 4. With FAME’s continued collaboration with this highly gifted Manila-born dancer-choreographer, the audience can expect more world-class performances.

Photo credits | Ralph Anthony Ercilla (
Erhard (standing 3rd from left) and some members of Knight Movers performing a ‘Lion King’ number on ‘Serenata’ Season 8.

“Eyes on the sky, feet on the ground.” – Knight Movers”



Erhard Macaraeg portrait – Jace Domingo | Jace’s Portraits

Knight Movers ‘Lion King’ performance – Ralph Anthony Ercilla


One thought on “Erhard Macaraeg – “Dancer-Storyteller”

  1. Reblogged this on Everything Mundylicious and commented:

    “Eyes on the sky, feet on the ground.”

    Catchphrase above is the heart byword of Knight Movers that has a positive and strong yet humble and spiritual undertones to it.

    Happy 5th Anniversary Knight Movers! Here’s wishing you many more years of grace and agility. More power (moves)!

    ICYMI, here’s a previous blog that talks about Knight Mover’s founder, Erhard Macaraeg, and Knight Movers.

    p.s. Thank you for the invitation to the anniversary party. I would love ‘to swing’ by (pun intended).


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