X-Crew – “New Faces, New Moves”

Meet Icha, King, Yhatz, Kim, and Yong. The new faces to watch on the dance floor. They call themselves ‘X-Crew’.

X-Crew was formed, just recently in June 2014, when four workmates at The Cheesecake Factory-Jeddah having a mutual fascination for dancing congregated to do a special number for the wedding of one of their colleagues.  And by some stroke of fate, it turned out the groom also happens to be a dancer – the ending – the five of them danced at the wedding. And the rest, as of this writing, is yet a brief history.

X-Crew members (from left): King Julius Sarabia, Richard Manuel, Dariolito Pineda, and  Leo Tabbada.  Not in photo is Jerry Kim Beliota.
X-Crew members (from left): King Julius Sarabia, Richard Manuel, Leo Tabbada, and Dariolito Pineda. Not in photo is Jerry Kim Beliota.


This all-male dance group is composed of five members namely: Richard ‘Icha’ Manuel, 30 from Manila; King Julius ‘King’ Sarabia, 26 from Calapan, Oriental Mindoro; Dariolito ‘Yhatz’ Pineda, 28 and Leo ‘Yong’ Tabbada, 31, both from Novaliches, Quezon City; and Jerry ‘Kim’ Beliota, 23 from Batasan Hills Quezon City. Icha is the group’s main choreographer but each one throws in their own creative ideas and each equally share in the tasks for the success of each of their performance. As a group they may not have much history yet but individually they each have had their share of engagements back in the Philippines – Icha used to be a part-time member of a dance group catering to corporate events, while King, Kim, and Yong were active in their respective college PEP squads and Yhatz was an in-house studio dancer at ABS-CBN. As X-Crew, they have performed in private parties for Filipino friends and acquaintances in Jeddah.

‘Enjoy life!’ This dance group believes that living the beauty of dance is one way to enjoy each day.

Among the five of them, their dance icons are Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Gary V, JabbaWockeeZ, UMD, Brian Puspos, Gab Valenciano, Vhong Navarro, and The Streetboys. Bring together these dance idols and you get X-Crew’s dance style – a mix of hip-hop, techno, and street dance – a mixed genre they hope to evolve and become their best in that will set them apart from other dance groups.

X-Crew will be performing as special guest performers during the Jeddah Pop Icon Season 4 Finals on November 14th, Friday.

Image: Jace Domingo | Jace’s Portraits


One thought on “X-Crew – “New Faces, New Moves”

  1. We hope you could make it to the top!God bless and best wishes to you X-CREW!!..we, your family are so proud of you!!Keep it up!..just enjoy it and have fun!

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