The Queenly Supermodel

Jonella Ysip, “The Queenly Supermodel”

“Life is full of surprises. Just keep looking at the bright side.”, Jonella Ting Ysip, positively quips.

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“Life is full of surprises. Just keep looking at the bright side.” – Jonella Ysip

This 25-year old nurse has got that body and the face only supermodels rarely have. And to match those physical facets of her personality, she knows that with the right attitude she will be catapulted to this year’s Binibining Turismo Filipinas title post. Jonella Ting Ysip who hails from San Fernando, La Union is somebody who is doing a beauty and personality pageant for the first time. But the fact that she is new to this does not stop her from pursuing this endeavor to the limits. As this Binibini shares on Facebook she has to push herself harder to do her daily workout sessions religiously as part of her preppin’ up for the final day of the pageant. She wants to be physically and emotionally ready for the event. Jonella believes that with the kind of beauty, strength of character and attitude that she has, she can shine brightly even in the international scene. She says that the beauty of a real Filipina reflects the beauty of the place where she comes from – The Philippines.

HMU: Jonathan Agudana


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