The Cute Baller with a Heart

CJ Marfa, “The Cute Baller with a Heart”

G (5)
“A man without prayers, is like a tree without roots.” – CJ Marfa

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for him his big form is always a giveaway to his being athletic and strong. Fortunately because it is a natural come-on for the ladies. Unfortunately because the ‘tall guy’ or the ‘big man’ often gets stereotyped as somebody who is more dominant and more arrogant. Which is a total opposite of this guy’s inner character. With an imposing height of 5 feet 10 ½ inches Christian Joseph Sarco Marfa, the tallest among the Ginoos, is your typical cager. But can he make it in the Mythical 5 of Ginoong Turismo Filipinas 2014? Yes, yes, he can. With those strong masculine features, a cute face, a lean body and wits to go with them, and most importantly a kind heart that makes people gravitate to his charms especially the ladies. This big guy has an even bigger heart and a God-fearing nature as he stands by the words: “A man without prayers, is like a tree without roots.” 25-year old CJ is from Tanauan, Batangas and works as a member of the Service Team at Shake Shack Jeddah and has previously joined and became a Finalist in the NXP Body Contest 2012 back in the Philippines. Aside from playing basketball, CJ also loves singing in his free time. Joining this competition has been a wonderful journey for him so far as he has made new friends in the process and has gained an entirely new experience and believes his self-confidence has soared.


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