Dainty Miss Flawless

Charmayne Joyce Lagman, “Dainty Miss Flawless”

She’s glowing! And it’s showing!

Pretty face? Check! Gorgeous hair? Check! Flawless skin? Check! Check!

Charmayne Joyce Lagman: “We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.” – by Virginia Satir

Why yes, our Binibini candidate Charmayne Joyce Encina Lagman has all that. And more! Sixteen-year old Charmayne who was born and raised in Jeddah is a senior high school student at Bader International School where she is currently a member of the volleyball varsity, the student council secretary and the school paper’s Society Editor. Charmayne Joyce is a self-confessed bookworm, a big ‘Otaku level’ anime fan,  and loves to groove to the beat at every opportunity she gets to express her love for dance. Plus she already has a beauty pageant feather to her already multicolored cap – having joined and won as Miss Teen Ambassador 2012 First Runner-Up here in Jeddah. Well, if this girl is not well-rounded then I do not know who is? Which is why she fits the mold of a true and deserving candidate in this year’s Binibining Turismo Filipinas. For her ‘the ideal characteristic of a ‘Binibini’ is knowing when to be modest and when to have fun.’ And she certainly lives this ideal, making her rightfully secured in the fact she can be our new Binibining Turismo Filipinas 2014. She may only be 16 but this young girl already has big dreams of becoming a successful public speaker someday and be the voice of those who are afraid to speak for their rights.


Image: Jace’s Portraits

HMU: Bonnie Bonifacio


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