The Face of An Angel

Oshin Flores, ‘The Face of an Angel’

Oshin Flores: “Keep moving forward.”

Hers is a face finely chiseled from gold. The aquiline nose, the expressive doe-eyes, the defined bone structure – making her surely one of the faces to watch out for in Binibining Turismo Filipinas 2014.  Fifteen-year old Oshin Hirang Flores whose family hails from Arayat, Pampanga is one of the youngest to compete among all the candidates in this year’s Ginoo at Bb. Turismo Filipinas. She is a dancer, in fact an active member of the popular dance group Knight Movers and has a unique penchant for music as she loves writing songs. She takes the positive-laden words “Keep moving forward.” to heart – as she go through her everyday life as a young teenager. Binibining Turismo Filipinas is her first venture into a major beauty pageant following encouragements and support from family and friends – she is positive of herself that she has what it takes to be Bb. Turismo Filipinas. The fact that she recently joined and was one of the finalists in Mr. and Miss Durrat Al Sharq International School 2014 has made her even more confident she really wants this venture for herself and embrace this new experience as she is growing into a fine, young lady, and eventually if given the chance, play an important part in promoting Philippine tourism.


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