The Statuesque Beauty

Amira Santos, “The Statuesque Beauty”

Amira Santos: “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out.”

At fifteen, Amira Rose Santos has a not-too-easy-to-ignore statuesque form as she stands at 5 feet 8 inches making her the tallest female candidate this batch has produced. Oh surely it would be that difficult to ignore this girl as she has that striking face that anyone cannot NOT give her a second look. But it’s not just the height and the looks that make people notice her. Amira, a junior high school student at Durrat Al Sharq International School Jeddah is currently among the top students in her class while at the same time an active member of the volleyball varsity. She previously placed 3rd Runner Up in the 8th Grade spelling bee contest at GEMS International School. In other activities, she enjoys playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, crafting, sketching, reading books, what have you – things most teeners would normally do but it is in the way this girl does them that makes her exceptional. She is determined to be the best in whatever she does and be outstanding in it. As her go-to quote goes, “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out.” By this line she believes being an above-average individual in the physical and intellectual aspects is just but normal and you need not change into something you are not just to blend in and please other people. Amira Rose, who appears as a strong contender, shares her thoughts on being Binibining Turismo Filipinas. She says that in the role of an ambassador she will do her best to influence others on the way they can become better persons, more confident in their outlook, and let them know and feel they’re beautiful in every way. Bb. Turismo Filipinas is a first time experience for her and she is very thankful she made it as one of the finalists to be given the chance to be an advocate of Philippine tourism.

HMU: Roselle Maniego


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