The Voluptuous ‘Manila Girl’

Charmaine Torrefiel, “ The Voluptuous ‘Manila Girl’ ”

BB (1)
Charmaine Torrefiel: “You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving.”

She’s got the face, the body, and the overall charm that will surely get the judges and the audience smitten.   Charmaine De Guzman Torrefiel, who was born in Manila but currently lives in Bulacan where her heart truly belongs now, has a very pleasant personality and cheeriness about her that one would instantly find delightful and very friendly – a rare characteristic. This somehow is how this 26-year old nurse has won the hearts of her friends who obviously are very fond of her and happy to be around her and just to have that positive energy rub on to them. The same positive energy and forthcoming attitude this Binibini candidate is taking with her to the Binibininig Turismo Filipinas 2014 stage as she competes for the highly coveted title.

Charmaine, or Chzarmina Marie, as her Facebook handle says, is a graduate of Centro Escolar University and currently works as a Staff Nurse at the International Extended Care Center, the International Medical Center (IMC)’s ground-breaking initiative to cater to patients needing long term medical and advanced nursing care. This congenial nurse finds eating and dancing as two of her favorite pastimes. Dancing yes, but, um, eating? Certainly not typical for a beauty pageant hopeful but hey, this fit and trim lady knows her body more than we do, right.

On being the next Bb. Turismo Filipinas winner, Charmaine sincerely speaks her mind, ‘I want to represent the beauty of the Philippines, to be an advocate of Philippine tourism, as well as to be a channel of blessings for my countrymen.’ She adds, ‘if she’s given the chance to win she would like to donate the prize to their local church.’ How benevolent and how beauty queenly of that thought!

She also finds the beautiful words, “You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” a source of inspiration.    


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