(Video Blog) : Summer PINASaya 2015… Soon!

Video below is a brief preview of FAME‘s first ever Summer Season ‘ID’ 2015 and a teaser to an upcoming event. It spotlights on FAME’s core group, the designers, and some of its homegrown talents.

The music video depicts scenes and images of sunny days, beach, pool, fun, games, laughter, smiling faces – happy, positive moments under the sun. Lots of good vibes, happy faces and vivid colors! More laughing, singing, dancing, bumming and playing around under the sun – everything that just spells S-U-M-M-E-R.

Featuring the song by Filipino artist Sam Concepcion entitled ‘Teka Break‘ – the song title literally translates to ‘Wait, Break’ but is in fact a clever wordplay on the catchphrase ‘Take A Break’ perfectly harmonizing with the video’s summer theme – that and the music’s infectious catchy beat that complements the fun vibe. Because with all the pressure from our very demanding schedules that’s stressing us out, sometimes we all just need to ‘Teka Break’.

So.. Taralets!


Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

PT logo

R.A. Ercilla | Xenia Xaviera | Alan Aquino | Francis Ting | Wendell Doria

Music: ‘Teka Break’, Jungee Marcelo | Sam Concepcion 

Image/s: SUMMER PINASaya Logo designed by Leo Garci Patag

fame3 logo


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