The Sandwich Gallery

About three months back my friend, Jones (my go to buddy for new food and dining spots and select food choices) was badgering me to go with him to this new resto near his place that’s still on their ‘soft opening mode’.  He has tried it there and was convinced I would love it as well as he did.  But with my tight schedule I just couldn’t make time until finally I was able to find a window – on the eve of my birthday – that synced with his, so there we got the chance to catch up.

What could be a more perfect way to catch up than over innovative artisanal food at The Sandwich Gallery. Or as their main hashtags go: #TSG and #TSGLove

In a word – inventive.

The Sandwich Gallery serves inventive food in a unique tour-of -the-world-style.  From Manhattan to Limassol, Hamburg to Phuket. From The Great Wall to The Pyramids.  And so on.  They name their dishes – salads, sandwiches, etc – after a particular World City reflective of and drawing inspiration from the flavours and the way the food is being prepared in that locale.

Their food, ergo, magically takes you around the world in one bite! Or two, or three!

In a word – quirky.

As you enter the just-right space, you instantly get that feeling of an NYC food joint with its quaint, artful old-fashioned/industrial feel interior, muted lighting, and with all the no-fuss-no-frills but en pointe food quality and excellent service.

In a word – relaxed.

The Sandwich Gallery

In just minutes after settling in our seats and giving our drinks of choice, the wait staff with that quite notably (and should be noted) over-friendly ardour and smartly dressed comes back and serve our drinks and a serving of on-the-house starters – Kale Chips. I mean who gives away free kale lately! Or I must have been just lucky that night.

Kale Chips served on a traditional aluminium mug.  Guess like me they believe one can never go wrong with Kale. And Chips! That’s why I had to ask for another ‘mug’.

Soon after the remainder of our order came.

And the rest went down into gourmet history and by being here you may just as well would have made it to the footnote.

I do not intend to dwell into the descriptives – quality, taste, and texture of the food and the tiny, teeny details of how me and my friend relished the experience.  I leave it all to you to take my word for it and, for you to try it out for yourselves.

So, in a word – must-try.

Salads and drinks – The Phuket (left) and The Moscow (right).
(Foreground) Moscow Salad. (Background) Al-Madina Iced Tea.
The flavours of Southern Thailand captured in this dish – Phuket Salad.
No fuss, no frills but the attention to detail is unmistakable in this Strawberry Detox Water served in a customised detox/travel tumbler.
The Hamburg Sandwich.
(Top) The Beijing,  (Bottom) The Hamburg.
TSG’s version of the oreo crumble cheesecake.
To complete the around-the-world experience, at the end of the meal the check comes in this cutesy London telephone booth bill box. May be cheesy to some but this idea was sold to me.
Oh and I got this nice TSG detox tumbler as a birthday present too!

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