Yara Maniego | Pretty Girl of IPSJ

Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Height: 5 ft. 3 in.

Weight: 48 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Student (Senior High)

Yara Farin Maniego is one of the youngest binibinis in this year’s batch of talented ravishing girls aspiring for the title of Binibining Turismo Filipinas at only 15 years old. Up close, besides being fascinatingly pretty this girl is a bubbly, carefree young lady who just wants to have fun whenever she’s with friends.

Yara is a Grade 9 student at The International Philippine School in Jeddah (IPSJ). This teenager is into singing and dancing.  One of her most unforgettable moments she lightheartedly shared was when she was singing in front of an audience and suddenly choked on her voice because for whatever reason she was not able to suppress a big laugh. She recalls it was both an embarrassing at the same time a very funny experience for her.

On becoming the next Bb. Turismo Filipinas Yara thinks she has the potential to earn the title because she has the right qualities both in the talent and beauty aspects that are primary for becoming the winner. As her favorite quote goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way”, this young binibini is here to prove that whoever has the most will always wins.

DSC_3250 a
Credits: Photo by Francis Ting | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers | HMU by Bonnie Bonifacio

“In Meycauayan, Bulacan where I come from life (as we know it) is simple. My hometown boasts of its leather industry – there you will find belts and jackets made from carabao (water buffalo) skin. We also have fine jewelry-making industry using gold, silver, and other precious stones as well as costume jewelry.”

A Brief Q&A with Bb. Yara

Favorite music?

‘Human’ by Christina Perri is a personal favorite. I also like the music of Aegis.

What is your dream city?

Paris. I wanna see the Eiffel Tower up close and be amazed inside the Louvre Museum.
Favorite app?
It’s a tie between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has made me gain friends and it is where I found the people that matter in my life and Twitter because I get updated with the lives of my favorite actors and other artists.
DSC_3233 f (2)
Photo by Francis Ting | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers
Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

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