Mari Angeli Magbanua | The Sassy Chinita

Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Height: 5 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 46 kg.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Medical Officer

The girl that cried a lot whilst suspended in mid-air at the Tagaytay zipline.  The girl that stopped everyone in their tracks with her loud scream as she sprang into that zipline. Binibining Mari Angeli Sambajon Magbanua shares this zipline experience as one of her most if not the most unforgettable moment. The girl that lives by the beautiful line, ‘Follow your bliss for the world will open its door where there are only walls.’

‘Ange’ as she prefers to be called is a 25-year old nurse currently working as a Medical Officer for health insurance leader – Bupa Arabia. She is a voracious reader (currently on ‘The Champion’, the third book in  ‘The Legend’ series by Marie Lu) and loves to sing as well in her time away from work and, well yeah, the internet.  With such sweet-girly face and wits, it’s hardly surprising that this Manila-born had been on a couple of personality and beauty-centered engagements that included winning the 2nd Runner-Up spot in the Miss Perpetual Pageant 2009.

With her smart and sassy personality, the prospect of being the next Binibining Tusimo Filipinas is very likely.  Her thoughts on this: ‘Being a representative of tourism for our country should have the heart and passion to help augment tourism. I therefore believe that I have such passion and drive not only to promote tourism but also to experience the wonders of our country – it is both thrilling and priceless.’

Credits: Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers | HMU by Jonathan Gapusan

“Cavite is my hometown – a place where you don’t need to read a book to view its history but rather you can just go and see for yourself every spot where a considerably huge part of history happened.”

A Brief Q&A with Bb. Angeli

Favorite makeup item?

MASCARA! I’m obsessed with these goodies!!!

Current fave app? What website could you not live without?

App: Garage band! Recording comes very handy now for me. (Didn’t we tell you this girl can sing?!)

Website: Probably Facebook! Of course! Everything’s there. news, trends, blog posts, etc.

Favorite food?

Reese’s Peanut Buttercups – to die for! Who could resist them, anyway!!! (***heart eyes***)

Favorite book?

The Divergent Series. My all-time favorite. Well-written. It is where I drew the inspiration to chop my hair off, actually from the heroine Beatrice, a woman who does not let herself be defined by a man.

Fame 2
Photo by Maio Cruz | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers
Photo by Francis Ting | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

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