Aljohn Encina | The Feisty Moreno

Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Height: 5 ft 6 in

Weight: 70 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Occupation: Production Operator

Typical brown-skinned Filipino gentleman Aljohn Pelaez Encina is one of the 10 candidates aspiring for the title Ginoong Turismo Filipinas in G. at Bb. Turismo Filipinas 2015, a yearly personality competition organized by FAME (The Filipino Artiste Migrante Ensemble) for young Filipino men and women in search for the ideal ambassadors of Philippine Tourism.

Aljohn is no stranger to personality contests such as Ginoong Turismo Filipinas.  Back in his college days he has joined Mr. & Miss Columbus in 2007 where he won the special award Best In Sports Wear.  He counts this as his most unforgettable experience so far. For Aljohn joining this year is another experience that he will truly cherish and he takes it as an honor to be part of this competition.  If he wins he says he takes it as a challenge to push himself to show the qualities of a true Ginoong Turismo and that is by way of showing a good example by giving his best in his job as an Overseas Filipino Worker.  This way he is uplifting the image of the Filipino with world class quality work performance, and thereby, the country itself in the eyes of foreign nations such as Saudi Arabia.

For twenty four year old Ginoong Aljohn “Time is Gold” and as such he does not wish to dwell on uninteresting matters in his everyday life.  But of course he spends good quality time by making the most of his spare time every chance he gets on his favorite sports basketball and billiards.

Credits: Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla of Pinoy Tambayan Photographers | Styling by Pablo Nesperos

” My hometown of Sampaloc, Quezon is a beautiful small town in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains.  It attracts visitors through its ‘Bulihan Festival’ where products made from ‘buli’ (a large variety of palm tree that grows in abundance in this part of the Philippines) such as bags, hats, sleeping mats, and a lot more are being showcased during the festivities.”

A Brief Q&A with G. Aljohn

What app could you not live without?

I can actually live even without any app! (Hehe, kidding!) But my favorite is Facebook.

Favorite food?

All kinds of exotic food prepared from exotic animals such as wild pig, wild cat, ‘bayawak’ (iguana), and ‘sawa’ (Philippine python). The meat of ‘bayawak’ and ‘sawa’ tastes like (if not better than) chicken meat.

Favorite music?

The song Wherever You Will Go.  It’s my favorite because of the message and it is our (my and my girlfriend’s) theme song. (#entry)

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