Gab Montero | The ‘Mestizo’ from Bukidnon

_MG_0448 (2)
Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Height: 5 ft 7 in

Weight: 70 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Occupation: Brand Manager

One of the contenders in the search for Ginoong Turismo Filipinas 2015 is 25-year old half-Filipino half-Yemeni Gabriel “Gab’ Alvarez Montero. A cool, soft spoken guy that exudes a deep sense of seriousness. But that’s just on the facade as this guy is one to play with humor if need be. Gab currently works as a Brand Manager for a clothing line.  In his spare time watching movies is what he usually loves doing.  His other interests lie in photography, and DJ-ing.  Back in the Philippines he used to DJ for a dance club and in private parties for friends. As a DJ he is into instrumentals the likes of Bond’s Victory and electro house music. He is an absolute big fan of David Guetta of whom he says he can easily get the crowd to go wild every time he starts putting his mixes on.

Though not exactly a newbie in personality competitions like Ginoong Turismo, as he has previously joined in Mr. University 2010 in his college campus and Mr. Quezon (Bukidnon) 2011, Gab’s reason for joining is for him to further explore about his own self in terms of what other things he can achieve and also as a means to test and, in the process, improve his confidence level.  Aside from winning which is the primary objective, joining this competition is also aimed at personality development for him. And finding a new set of friends is a big bonus. His favorite quote goes ‘I would rather treasure people who hate me for who I am than those who love me for who they want me to be.’ Our guy here is just not into faking the funk as they say.

_MG_0443 (2)
Credits: Photography by Ralph Anthony Ercilla of Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

“In my hometown, the province of Bukidnon known as ‘the food basket of Mindanao”, we have seven ethnic tribes namely, Talaandig, Higa-onon, Bukidnon, Umayamnon, Matigsalug, Manobo, and Tigwahanon each one distinct from the other in terms of their cultural and traditional practices. Bukidnon also has a lot of undiscovered tourist destinations that we are very proud of, not only locally but internationally.”

A Brief Q&A with G. Gab

Current favorite app?

Camera 360 of course! Hahaha! The Calculator app is also very helpful as I really hate numbers. That’s the reality!

Favorite food?

I love Filipino delicacies – ‘biko’ (a kind of rice cake), ‘suman’ (coconut leaf wrapped rice cake), ‘tupig’ (glutinous rice and coconut delicacy), and ‘Pancit Malabon’ (one of the local favorite Filipino stir-fry noodle dishes).

Favorite city?

Paris, London, and New York are my top 3 favorites.

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