Glenngeley Guerrero | The Long-Legged Bae

_MG_0345-1 (2)
Photo by Ralph Anthony Ercilla | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Height: 5 ft 6 in

Weight: 58 kg

Hair: Fierce black

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Occupation: Nurse

This girl is amazingly interesting as not very often one gets to meet a girl who can be such a lady’s lady as a lady can be and at the blink of an eye can be one of the boys whilst of course maintaining her lady-like demeanor.  That is Glenngeley Razon Guerrero whom people close to her know her as ‘Gel’.

A girl who obviously knows what she wants in life, Gel goes by the line ‘Life is what you make it.’  She is a highly spirited and congenial person that her binibini and ginoo batchmates in Binibining Turismo Filipinas 2015 find her very warm and most easy to be around with and most of all she always appears to be ‘the life of the party’. But only if she has had enough sleep. She is a nurse by the way with Saudi Airlines Medical Services so sleep tends to be a luxury for her in her line of work.

Gel loves cooking, playing her mobile gaming fixation Clash of Clans (we told you she could be one of the boys, right?), and reading novels. As an adventurous type of woman she shares her most unforgettable experience goes back to the time when she tried for the first time to eat the exotic food, ‘tamilok’ (woodworm), a popular local delicacy that tastes like oyster and can be found in the mangroves of Palawan.

A towering beauty with striking features, legs that go a mile long, and wits to match this tourism ambassador aspirant is a first timer in the beauty competition arena.  For her she should be the next Binibining Turismo Filipinas because ‘I have a strong drive in promoting and inviting people not only foreigners but also our fellow Filipinos to go and explore the beauty and treasure of our country.”

_WNS8517 (2)
(Credits) Photography by Wendell Doria of Pinoy Tambayan Photographers | Hair and Make-Up by Ms. Rosell Maniego.

“4 wheels? Nah! In my hometown, 3 wheeled vehicles are more IN! That’s Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, the tricycle capital of the Philippines!”

A Brief Q&A with Bb. Gel

Mobile app you cant live without?

Social media fan? Yes I am! Hooray! Facebook mobile, it’s you I can’t live without!

Favorite food?

Ginataang kalabasa (pumpkin stew in coconut milk), It’s you I always crave! So Filipino!

Favorite makeup item?

The eyes are the gateway to the soul.. so I glam them up with my favorite Kohl! Eye Liner love!

Fame 1
Photo by Maio Cruz | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers
Photo by Francis Ting | Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

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