Robin Baccay | The Tall and Handsome Chinito

Photo by Jace Domingo | Jace’s Portraits

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 73 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Occupation: Airport Shop Cashier

The guy towering over the crowd making heads turn not just because he’s taller than most but he’s got the looks that can get people to do a second look.

Twenty-five year old Robin Pagulayan Baccay one of the 10 Ginoong Turismo Filipinas 2015 aspirants is a proud Ilocano from the coastal province of Cagayan in northern Philippines. Robin is into basketball and singing (yes karaoke baby!). He is a big karaoke guy whose pieces are mostly classic love songs. He is also a guy of good family values and treasures family a lot.  His most memorable experience is when they took a family holiday in Pagudpud Beach in Ilocos Norte (also in the northern part of the country). Another unforgettable moment for this ginoo was when he graduated with honors in college and was awarded the Miriam Defensor Santiago Leadership Award.  That’s the real Ginoong Robin – a guy who as he quotes his favorite saying ‘I am me and I like being me.’

Robin is not exactly new to pageants as he previously joined a local search back home, Mr. Salamague 2010.  People have been encouraging him to join since college but due to school responsibilities he wasn’t able to.  Now he is excited and honored he made it as a finalist in G. at Bb. Turismo Filipinas and vocally expresses he should be the next Ginoong Turismo ‘simply because I have the talent, the face, and the brains to be the winner.’  He intends to make use of this combination in promoting Philippine Tourism.

Fame 15
(Credits) Photography by Mary Anne Cruz of Pinoy Tambayan Photographers
“Iguig, Cagayan Valley is known as the “Pottery Land of the North” because of the pottery products made by the iguigenio. Our ‘Pinabanga (Pots) Festival’ every 25th of July is celebrated as a thanksgiving for these wonderful creations. Tourists and travelers like to visit our town to buy these artistically designed, elegant yet value priced pots. We also take pride in ‘Calvary Hills’ that feature gigantic statues portraying the 14 Stations of The Cross on top of the hills. There you will also find famous old churches making it a favorite pilgrimage destination during Holy Week.  It is the town’s best attraction and one of the best spots Cagayan.”

A Brief Q&A with G. Robin

Favorite mobile app?

Messenger. It helps me fight loneliness.  The call feature is great and oh the feeling I get once I hear the voices of my loved ones in the Philippines.. gives me satisfaction incomparable to other apps.

Favorite food?

Any meal I have with my family.  I am just glad  and thankful I have a family to enjoy time and good food with.

Favorite music?

With so many beautiful music it is hard to pick- but one song I really love is Michael Jackson’s Heal The World. For me it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, the meaningful lyrics that speaks about the responsibility of loving one another and caring for the environment.

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