Tricia Urrutia | The K-Pop Star

Photo by Jojie Canezal | Lenteque Photography

Height: 5 ft 5 in

Weight: 55 kg

Hair: Dark hazel brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Occupation: Student (Junior High)

At an early age of eight, this girl, now a young lady, was already exposed to the world of beauty, elegance and sophistication – the world of beauty pageants – when she participated and won 1st Runner-Up in the Miss Bicolandia 2008. It wasn’t until after seven long years that Patricia Albaran Urrutia found herself again in the same spot, this time, a part of the Ginoo at Binibining Turismo Filipinas 2015 as one of the binibini finalists.

Fifteen year old and a proud Batanguena, Tricia loves dancing – hip hop and modern dance are her favorite genres,   drawing (mostly anime), and doing modelling in her sweet spare time.  She is a favorite model of some local photographers in Jeddah, not surprising though as this girl CAN strike a pose.

Physically stunning at her age, Tricia has the appeal of a Korean Pop Star with her really white skin tone, straight long hair, and face only ‘Koreanovela‘ (Korean soap opera) stars have.  Coincidentally enough this girl is a big fan of anything Korean and is following a lot of Korean pop superstars.  She dreams of traveling to Korea someday to see her idols, explore their tourist spots and experience their culture.

On joining Binibining Turismo Filipinas and why she thinks she should be this year’s winner Tricia confidently reasons that she’s got the looks, the talent, and the face for winning the title and is prepared to live up to the duties and responsibilities entailed by the coveted title. On this note her ideal line – the life principle on positivity that says “Never give up even when everyone says it’s impossible.’ – is aligned with her objective of finishing this competition victorious.

(Credits) Photography by Jojie Canezal and Noly Sales of Lenteque | Hair and Make-Up by Art Bernard Andrade David

“My hometown – the beautiful province of Batangas has some rich resources and it is a thriving tourist destination. The people of Batangas are very true to themselves and are very idealistic, characteristics that make me proud to say that I am a Batangueña!”

A Brief Q&A with Bb. Tricia

Mobile app you cant live without?

The mobile app I can’t live without is Twitter. Because on here I can express my feelings freely!

Favorite food?

‘Sinigang’ (Filipino tamarind soup).  I chose sinigang because of its unique sourness.

Favorite music?

The song ‘Can’t Blame A Girl for Trying’ by Sabrina Carpenter is a personal fave. I chose this particular song because it describes a teenage girl like me who is trying her best in everything.



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Noly Sales
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