Ryan Maula, “The Boy Next Door”


Photography by Jace Ramos Domingo


Height: 5 ft  9 in   |   Weight: 60 kgs 

Occupation: Student   |   Hometown: Cotabato City


 A BOY WHO IS VERY EAGER TO LEARN a lot of things – about life, about anything.  Rayan ‘Ryan’ Maulana Maula likes elevating his knowledge status by constantly exploring.  He is an approachable, kind-hearted and a fun to hang out with kind of guy among other things.

Photography by Xenia Xaviera, Hair by Neptale Buo, makeup by Jhoy Lee Gonzales

Ryan is a senior high school student at the International Philippine School Jeddah (IPSJ) and sets his goals in becoming a successful businessman in the future.

Hitting the gym and working out, going on adventures, reading novels, and playing basketball and computer games are the things he is most passionate about.  He likes to work out a lot as he aims to become the strongest, smartest, fastest and the most handsome that he can be.  Ryan was awarded the title of ‘Mr. Junior of IPSJ’ for the school year 2014/2015.  By first impression he may be perceived as the quiet kind of person but when one gets to know him more they realize this keen-minded sixteen-year old Ginoo candidate has a lot more to say.  He considers joining Ginoong Turismo Filipinas all just for fun and even though this is his first shot he is confident in both his looks and abilities for him to be the ultimate ambassador of tourism.  Ryan also believes winning this competition will be a way of giving back – the pride and glory – to his family, the reason why he feels happy and complete and whom he respects and loves so much.

Photography by Maio Cruz

Random facts about Ryan

He has a special talent in beatboxing | a Steph Curry fan and wishes he can shoot like he does | Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself is a personal favorite

Photography by Jace Ramos Domingo

Image Credits:

Outdoor shots:

Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Ralph Anthony Ercilla

Xenia Xaviera

Wayne Cruz

Maio Cruz

Francis Ting

Jon Soriano

Reida Soriano

Header image by Xenia Xaviera

Headshot/Outdoor shot:

Jace Ramos Domingo

Hair & Makeup: Jhoy Lee Gonzales

Look and Styling curated by Neptale Buo & Jojo Pulan

FAME’s GBb Turismo Filipinas 2016 is made possible with the support of the following sponsors:


Sarawat Superstores

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 Special thanks to the following friends:

Mr. Ysmael Diaz

GBB Turismo Filipinas 2016 is a production of:

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