Rockto Sani – “The K-Pop Stunner”


Photography by Jace Ramos Domingo

Height: 5 ft 5 in   |   Weight: 60 kgs 

Occupation: Bank Relations Officer   |   Hometown: Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur

WITTY. GOD-FEARING. NICE. TRUSTWORTHY.  FOUR THINGS HE HAS TO SAY to describe himself. Shaindden ‘Rockto’ Sani who considers his family as his main backbone and life support system has a sunny personality _dsf5809-2that complements his boyish Korean pop star charm.  His nickname ‘Rockto’ was coined from the blockbuster boxing film Rocky, though he also likes the name Ezekiel.  Rockto currently works as a Bank Relations Officer and enjoys sketching and painting, and considers hanging out at a Starbucks  a nice way to catch up with friends.  His favorite food is the Filipino dish ‘ginataan’ (coconut milk based dishes) and his favorite desserts are ‘kakanin’ (native Filipino sweets) and ‘halo-halo’.  His taste in music encompasses a wide range from jazz to contemporary pop.   As a daily user of social media apps our Ginoong Turismo aspirant shares a valuable advice to everyone on Facebook, his favorite application, to always ‘think before you post.’  According to his favorite quote ‘Losers are those people who are afraid of losing.’

Photography by Jace Ramos Domingo


Random facts about Rockto

The smell of strawberry shortcake is one of his fave smells in the world | Filipino actresses Lovi Poe and Maja Salvador are his celebrity crushes | planning to get ear pirercings soon (wait for it!!!)

Photography by Xenia Xaviera

Image Credits:

Outdoor shots:

Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Ralph Anthony Ercilla

Xenia Xaviera

Wayne Cruz

Maio Cruz

Francis Ting

Jon Soriano

Reida Soriano

Header image by Francis Ting


Jace Ramos Domingo

Hair & Makeup: Jhoy Lee Gonzales

Look and Styling curated by CJ Paul Roxas (Designer/Handler)

FAME’s GBb Turismo Filipinas 2016 is made possible with the support of the following sponsors:

MAJOR SPONSOR: Sarawat Superstores

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Special thanks as well to the following friends:

Mr. Ysmael Diaz

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