Asmin Sarip, “The Beauty from Mindanao”


(Credits) Photography by Francis Ting, Hair & Makeup by Sam Guro

ASMIN SARIP IS PROUD TO REPRESENT the Muslim community of Jeddah and her beloved hometown of Marawi City in Mindanao.

Photography by Jace Domingo, Haie & Makeup by Sam Guro

Height: 5 ft 3 in  |  Weight: 53 kgs

Occupation: Banquet Staff  |  Hometown: Marawi City

ASMIN ‘MOFEDAH’ SARIP IS PROUD TO REPRESENT the Muslim community of Jeddah and of course her beloved hometown of Marawi City in Mindanao.  Mofedah, as how her close friends and family call her, is the youngest of five siblings.

Photography by Francis Ting

She loves watching her favorite TV shows, reading and posting on Facebook, and chatting with her friends online.  This 20-year old Binibini finalist currently works in the food service industry as Banquet Staff here in Jeddah.  She is a family-oriented person who is proud of her roots and that she is willing to become an ambassador of tourism and also become a voice for the Muslim community in our country and to show the world that we have such a unique and beautiful culture as well as colorful traditions and the best-in-the-world tourism hot spots.  Her reasons for joining Binibining Turismo Filipinas are mainly to gain a new and wonderful experience and to show her skills and talents.  Mofedah is very honored and thrilled to be a part of GBB Turismo Filipinas 2016.  For this simple and open-minded young lady, GBB is a very special and exciting experience she will truly cherish in the years to come.

Photography by Ralph Anthony Ercilla


Random facts about Mofedah

Loves pizza so much | her favorite Hollywood celebrity is Chris Evans |

her fave childhood TV program is Tom & Jerry

Photography by Jace Ramos Domingo

Image credits:

Outdoor shots:

Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Ralph Anthony Ercilla

Xenia Xaviera

Wayne Cruz

Maio Cruz

Francis Ting

Jon Soriano

Reida Soriano

Header image by Francis Ting

Headshot/Full body indoor shot:

Jace Ramos Domingo

Hair & Makeup, Look and Styling curated by Sam Guro (Designer/Handler)

FAME’s GBb Turismo Filipinas 2016 is made possible with the support of the following sponsors:

MAJOR SPONSOR:  Sarawat Superstores

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 Special thanks to the following friends:

Mr. Ysmael Diaz

GBB Turismo Filipinas 2016 is a production of:

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