Renan Calderon, “The Dreamer Ginoo”


Photography by Jace Ramos Domingo

Height: 5 ft 9 in  |  Weight: 70 kgs

Occupation: ER Nurse  |  Hometown: Legazpi City, Albay

CONTENTMENT, HAPPINESS, AND WORLD PEACE. THESE ARE THE THREE WISHES 28-year old Renan Travis Calderon would like to be granted if given the chance.

Photo by Francis Ting, Makeup by Jhoy Lee Gonzales

Renan believes his family is God’s greatest gift to him.  He cannot be more thankful and happier that they are very loving to him and supportive of his decisions in life.   He is also blessed with a loyal group of friends whom he say are always there for him no matter what.  Renan is a registered nurse and currently works for Saudi Arabian Airlines Medical Services as an ER nurse.  Aside from his professional responsibilities as a medical officer Renan also has a passion for other things like sports and culinary – he loves playing badminton and volleyball and enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking his specialty, Filipino dishes.  His favorite guiding words are from the quote of Irish singer/songwriter Shane Filan, ‘You only live once, so live a good life.’  Renan who is a first timer in a personality competition says that he will be the next Ginoong Turismo Filipinas title holder as he believes he would be a good role model for the youth in promoting Philippine tourism.

Photo by Xenia Xaviera

Random facts about Renan

A simple yet memorable day at the beach is for him the perfect date | his special talent is singing while taking a bath | Working as a Nurse in the States is his dream job

Photography by Reida Soriano

Image Credits:

Outdoor shots:

Pinoy Tambayan Photographers

Ralph Anthony Ercilla

Xenia Xaviera

Wayne Cruz

Maio Cruz

Francis Ting

Jon Soriano

Reida Soriano

Header image by Francis Ting


Jace Ramos Domingo

Hair & Makeup: Jhoy Lee Gonzales

Look & Styling curated by Enzo Aguas (Handler/Designer)

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MAJOR SPONSOR: Sarawat Superstores

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Mr. Ysmael Diaz

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One thought on “Renan Calderon, “The Dreamer Ginoo”

  1. He is a real Ginoo! ❤️❤️❤️A person with a good heart. Pure inside and out. For us here in Austria, he is already a winner.

    Liked by 1 person

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