The Gulf’s Soul Siren

Kristine Solis – Jeddah Pop Icon Season 4

She is not called “The Gulf’s Soul Siren” for just simply nothing.  Kristine ‘Tin-tin’ Bernadette Prestoza Solis is a multi-faceted artist.  Not only is she a very talented singer Kristine is also a full-fledged beauty queen.  At 19 she has already made a name for herself both here in Saudi Arabia and in the Philippines.  She was Miss Philippines-KSA 2010 First Runner-Up, UST’s Miss College of Rehab Sciences 2012 First Runner-Up, and outstandingly won as Grand Champion in the Pinoy K-Pop Star 2013, a nationwide Korean Pop singing competition in the Philippines.  Aside from singing, Kristine is also into dancing, acting, modelling, and cosplaying.  It should not surprise anyone why this young lady has her heart and soul entrenched in music. She has been classically trained in playing the guitar, the piano, and the viola. She takes her musical style from her favourites Brian McKnight and Christina Aguilera and her smash hit ‘Reflection’ is Kristine’s personal favourite. She also loves the music of Jessie J. and adores Disney songs.  When asked in the audition interview why she believes she should be the next Jeddah Pop Icon – Kristine, in her most beauty-queenly attitude articulates ‘Because spreading music, love, and happiness has been my passion and being Jeddah Pop Icon will only make it easier for me to continue my goal.’

Image credits: Jace Domingo of Jace’s Portraits


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