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Lyon Eats

  It was our first time to visit Lyon, France’s third largest metropolitan city.  Situated in the East-Central region of France, it takes a three-hour train ride to get here from Paris on the inter city train and the same travel time onwards to Marseille. … Continue reading Lyon Eats

Photo of the Day | Hawker Eats

A typical breakfast fare in Singapore. Hawker-style. Singapore is famous for its hawkers that serve traditional authentic Malay, Chinese, and Singaporean cuisine minus the frills. #BeeJoon #KwayTeow #kopi #coffee #Singapore #SG #Travel #foodstagram #foodtrip #EVMTravels #EVMTravels2016 #photography #foodphotography A post shared by Everything Mundylicious! (@everythingmundylicious) … Continue reading Photo of the Day | Hawker Eats


It has been a while I haven’t posted on here.  Some pressing work responsibilities prevented me from updating this blog sooner.

Anyways, back to the ‘food blogger’ peg, I finally had my chance to have dibs on this salad a friend of mine had been urging me to try – kale & quinoa salad. He knows I love kale and to have it with quinoa just makes the idea more interestingly curious.

I know you’ll probably say quinoa is so 2014! But hey, I am quite convinced they did not call it the ‘Super Grain of the Future’ for nothing. So what happens when you mix this “superfood” with another “superfood”? Do you get a super dooper food? And does eating it make you superhuman as well? (Ok that was corny!)

Seriously though, probably yes, at some level you do become superhuman with all the combined health benefits of these two super foods. That’s what you get with The Cheesecake Factory’s Kale & Quinoa Salad. Kale and quinoa mixed in one flavorful and evidently super healthful dish tossed along with sweet red peppers, grapes, and topped with some parmesan gratings in a distinctly tangy lemon vinaigrette dressing.

This salad dish may however have delivered in the taste department, yes, perfect! 👍👍 But.. (glass-half-empty people say there’s always a ‘but’) it equally, doubly even, disappointingly failed in the overall presentation.👎👎 I was expecting a more aesthetically appealing plate – one to match the epicurean appeal of its name – than what was served on our table.

After some thought, I guess the over-thinly shredded kale was where the pull went off. Im just saying they should have been a tad bit coarser. Also, the chopped red capsicum bits should have been a size bigger, and they could have added a few more of the halved grapes.  The latter two suggestions would have imparted a more luscious explosion of colours (and flavours!) to the greens.

The Cheesecake Factory’s Kale & Quinoa Salad.

As the saying goes, we don’t always get everything.